Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The NARS polish I returned...

Yep, I bought it!

It was gorgeous in the bottle, and once I did my manicure...NOT HAPPY!!! Luckily I purchased this at Nordstroms, so I took my receipt and the box (with the sticker) and went back to Nordies, still wearing the color on my hands!

"Night Flight"
2 coats

Yeah, its a pretty dark blue shimmer in a black base, with flecks of purple and navy blue, but not $18 pretty, which really disappointed me.  The formula was great, but the color is not not spectacular enough to warrant the $18 price tag. 

I have VERY similar blues, that are great and cost a fraction of the price. I wanted to love this, but it fell short for me in the "Fabulous Department" :(

I think it's the "black base: that kills the blue for me.  The bottle looks great but it comes off darker and more muted on the nail ..Wah wah!

The sales woman was super nice, she showed me some other blue colors by Lippmann and Butter London but unfortunately I already had most of them..LOL.  She even took off her shows to show e a blue pedicure, which totally put a smile on my face..but alas I walked out of Nordies with only my receipt and my money back.

I know I'll be back once they get the new Lippmann glitters :)

Those fabulous purple flecks you see, BARELY show up on the nail, in real life.  Overall, It was a sad nail day :) LOL

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KarenD said...

Sorry it disappointed, but glad for me since now I feel better about passing on it. :)

Unknown said...

@KarenD- I live to warn others..LOL :)

Carina M said...

Oh hell...I'd have traded you for it! :D I really need to get into swapping, but I'm such a polish hoarder that I'd keep thinking, "NO, no. Can't let this go...can't let that go..." LOL

When I look at this color, I keep thinking, "OPI's Russian Navy...and OPI did it better, too!"

Pink Pamalamma said...

Reminds me of Nicole's I'm a Pool For Love