Monday, October 17, 2011

Hommage to Liz....

Last Thursday I went to The Elizabeth Taylor Exhibition, where they displayed 50 pieces from her over 2,000 piece collection.  This exhibition will be traveling around the country before it is auctioned off in New York in December.   Part of the exhibition fees goes to her Aids foundation.

In honor of Liz I wore The Painted Nial "Legendary Lavender", named in honor of Liz when she passed away.

This is my 2nd time wearing this color and it NEVER disappoints.  :) The first time I wore it I add the slightest VNL (visible nail line), so in order to make sure I did not get ANY, I started with a layer of Zoya "Mira", and then added 2 coats of LL. :)

I took over 88 pictures at the exhibit, and since there is no way I can include all 88 in this post I decided to pick a couple of my favorites.

This is my FAVORITE!!!!!

Look at the color in those emeralds!!!

And I saved the best for last, the 33.19ct diamond Richard Burton bought for Liz...I mean SERIOUSLY?!?!
Look at that thing, it is gorgeous, and IRL (in real life), it is crystal clear, it's like looking in water!



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Megan Harmeyer said...

OK...first...that polish is gorgeous! Very appropriate for Liz Taylor. Second...those gems are to die for! Third...OMG! That diamond?! I'd be afraid to wear that anywhere!!

Madeline said...

That ring is ridiculous! it looks like it would have snapped her finger in half!