Tuesday, February 28, 2012

OPI DS "Vintage"

I have a little holo treat for ya!

Today I have a lovely holographic polish I had purchased for me by one of my fellow bloggers.  I have several OPI DS polishes, but this is one that I needed to add to my collection.

OPI DS "Vintage"
 3 coats

3 coats was not required (2 was perfect for opacity), but most OPI DS holographic colors are thinner in formula, so you can get away with 3 coats. :)

OPI DS "Vintage" is a pink-peach prismatic, holographic wonder! So feminine it would make a monkey's hand look spectacular. :P

I topped this with the OPI DS Top Coat, so that the holographic effect would not be subdued, and then a final coat of Seche Vite :)

This is my 18th "OPI DS" color, and to think there are sooo many more colors in the DS line (I think over 40 colors)..LOL!

So far this is what I have:

DS Sapphire
DS Vintage
DS Perfection
DS Fantasy
DS Glamour
DS Treasure
DS Exclusive
DS Original
DS Royal
DS Extravagance
DS Glow
DS Desire
DS Magic
DS Shimmer
DS Coronation
DS Mystery
DS Temptation
DS Bold

Think I need more?....of course I do!

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NeeLai said...

i have Opi DS Vintage too but its a orange holo.. i'll swatch it again then i'll let you know. Your vintage is peach-pinkish but mine is a orange holo.. im confused... -_-

Unknown said...

@neelai- I've seen it described as "coppery pink", "coral peach", and even "murky copper", LOL!

Marisa said...

This is an awesome holo!!! It looks beautiful on you!

Jenny said...

Gorgeous, looks amazing on you! I only have 4 DS polishes, and none of the truly holo ones. Time for a trip to eBay, I think...? :)

ambern1984 said...

That's beautiful! I don't think I have this one, but I bet it's on my wish list lol...never have too many holo polishes!

Laurie said...

Love this one! You have a nice collection of DS's!!