Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  I love St. Patrick's Day, and if you lived in Chicago for 10 years, like I did, you would love it too!

Chicago is amazing  year 'round, but on this day, it comes alive, and EVERYONE is Irish for the day!  What I miss most are the Pub Crawls / Bar Hopping, the Green River (see below) and the constant Parades!

Everyone goes to work on that day, but that's only so you can unload your stuff and go outside to enjoy the festivities, it is soooo much fun!

So in honor of my beloved Chicago, and it's green waters, I give you a teal- green manicure!

I actually wore this last week ( I was feeling very Irish then) but I decided to post it today (today's manicure will post in a couple days)

This is Sally Hansen "S-Teal A Base" and "Shimmer Polish "Sarah".

This isn't the most GREEN inspired manicure, but I love how this polish leans green and blue at the same time. Sally Hansen "S-Teal Base" is a teal-green polish with a slight shimmer, that applies well in 2 coat. I applied 2 for this manicure.

Then I applied 1 coat of "Sarah" on top of my accent finger, and I was in LOVE with this manicure! So simple, yet so perfect!

Shimmer Polish "Sarah" is a tropical blue green glitter polish.  I paired this polish with a blue color and it leaned more blue, then I paired it with this color and it leaned more green. It is the perfect chameleon glitter. :)

The manicure I am wearing today is way more GREEN! I'll share it with you later in the week :)

Keep It Sweet!

*Shimmer Polish was provided for review
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Melissa said...

Gorgeous mani! I especially love that Shimmer. The river looks so cool! I went to Chicago as a little baby so I don't remember a thing but I'd love to go back.