Monday, March 10, 2014

Still in love with your holiday glitters?...wear them!

Happy Monday!

Today I am going to show you how you can still rock your favorite holiday glitters for Spring!  A little glitter goes a long way. :)

Hopefully this post will convince you that you don't have to put away your favorite sparklers from the holidays, and you can give them new life in the SUN!

I'll be using theses four glitters released this past Holiday from Sally Hansen.

Left to Right: "Twinkle Toes-ty", "Fa la la lavender", "Midnight Glitz", and "3, 2, 1derland".

SH "Twinkle Toes-ty" over Color Club "Antiquated".
2 coats over the Color Club, no top coat

I was inspired by the pink flashes of the gold glitter and the rose toned hex glitter, suspended in the clear base.  I love how the rosier base of the Color Club brings it all out!

SH "Fa la la Lavender"  over OPI "I'm Feeling Sashay"
1 coat over the OPI, no top coat

This combo is very "Easter Eggy"" to me, and I love the fact that the glitter gave me so much in just one coat.

This is an awesome combo of lavender glitter and rose pink glitter in a clear base.

Here are some pictures in indirect lighting...

Yep, I love it!

SH "Midnight Glitz" over OPI "Black Onyx".
2 coats over the OPI, no top coat

Here you can see the black glitter in the base :) The base ins a smoky black, not opaque, with black, gold and holographic glitter.

I know what your thinking, black glitter? and spring? But hear me out!

In Spring, once the snow thaws, people tend to be outside more at night admiring the clear night sky and enjoying the warmer weather. This reminds me of the night sky, which is best seen in warmer temperatures with a cool drink in your hand, and some good friends nearby. :)

This is a classic combo, a smooth easy base of black topped with black and holographic glitter of varying sizes, EXCELLENT!

SH "3, 2, 1derland" over Barielle "Lemondrops"
1 coat over the Barielle, no top coat

This combo is my favorite! It totally reminds me of the Spring flowers, yellow sunflowers, and yellow daisies paired with the blue skies of the clear Spring air, LOL :) Blue and green glitter in a clear base, sounds simple, but man what an IMPACT it has on a manicure! LOVE!

Here it is in indirect lighting...

What is your favorite holiday glitter to "revive" in Spring?

Keep It Sweet!

*Glitters provided by PR for review

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