Monday, March 31, 2014

Nicole by OPI: Modern Family color, swatches and review

Yep, I found another Holiday collection that was buried underneath many other polishes...Opps!

Is it just me, or did we have A LOT of holiday collections this past holiday?  It is probably just me, trying to find an excuse why this mini-collection was lost in my collection, LOL!

So here they are, The Modern Family Collection for Holiday 2013... but still very applicable today  :)

Nicole by OPI
"Late Blu-Mer", 2 coats, no top coat

This blue is very pretty and still very relevant for this Spring.  This is a bright blue metallic shimmer, very pretty and easy to wear.  I have to apologize for my application, I have a long standing battle with NOPI brushes, and they seem to WIN every time, LOL!

Nicole by OPI
1 coat of "Spark The Conversation" over "Late Blu-Mer".

OKAY...I left this upside down for 15 minutes before I applied it, and I still got THIS :(  Color me UNIMPRESSED.  These large holographic square glitter suspended in a clear base are appealing, but after the fight of getting them on the nail, I QUIT! Also, I was not prepared for the base to turn cloudy like it did. True they have been sitting in a box on my shelf since November, but that base should not be cloudy after only a couple months :(

Nicole by OPI
"Who Red My Journal???", 2 coats, no top coat

Another metallic shimmer, except this one is red with orange undertones. It's very pretty, but nothing that "WOWS ME".  

Nicole by OPI
1 coat of "You're My Treasure" over "Who Read My Journal???"

Much better with the gold topper.  This glitter topper was much easier to apply too, I didn't have to hold the bottle upside down for 15 minutes before applying, plus the base did not turn cloudy either :)

Nicole by OPI
"Aren't Families Grape?", 2 coats no top coat

Metallic purple shimmer, this is very pretty and is perfect for Spring, plus this color would be perfect on spring-time toes-ies!

Overall my favorites are "Late Blu-Mer", "You're My Treasure", and "Aren't Families Grape?".

Nicole by OPI products can be purchased at your local Target and Walmart as well as several local drugstores.

*Product provided by PR for review.
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thegirlwho said...

I like the red so much more after you topped it with gold! Very pretty!