Thursday, March 20, 2014

KBShimmer: Green Multi-Chromes!!

Let's keep this green train rolling!

I've had these colors FOREVER, like "November 2013 Forever"!  I can't even lie..and when I was searching for green colors to review and post about this week, these were at the top of my list!

I'm on a duo-chrome and multi-chrome binge right now, so if its flashes a different color..I WANT IT!

KBShimmer "Urban Camo" and "Pretty In Punk".

KBShimmer "Urban Camo"
3 coats, no top coat

Same polish in indirect light...

Super pretty, but not very saturated.  This is gorgeous in indirect lighting, the flash of purple is nice!  In the sunlight this polish seriously glows GREEN, but does appear a bit sheer.  Then it hit me...let's try the old "duo-chrome" standard and layer it over black...YEAH!...Wait...let's see the holo-version first. :)

KBShimmer "Pretty In Punk"
3 coats, no top coat

Yes...light and pretty!  My senses are on OVERLOAD seeing the holographic shimmer and the multi-chrome together, I like it, but again I wish the color was more saturated.

Okay, so "back to black".  I grabbed my newly shipped bottle of KBShimmer "Eclipse" and layered away!

1 coat of KBShimmer "Eclipse" (a black creme) and 1 coat each of "Urban Camo" (index and middle finger) and "Pretty In Punk" (ring finger and pinkie).

KBShimmer "Pretty In Punk" over "Eclipse" (black creme) GORGEOUS!

KBShimmer "Urban Camo" over "Eclipse" (black creme)

KBShimmer "Eclipse" is a deep rich and perfect black creme and is almost a one coater. So if you are wearing it underneath another color, one is probably best, but if you are wearing it alone, two is needed.

Basically, I love both of the greens layered over a black creme or maybe even a darker more opaque green.  The polishes both applied well, and are very stunning, but by themselves they are a bit too light for me, I prefer stronger colors for my holographics, duo-chromes and multi-chromes.

You can get all three (including the black creme) at :)

Keep It Sweet!

*Polishes provided by PR for review.
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Unknown said...

What a wonderful swatches.
Lately I am more and more into greens.
I love these!

Melissa said...

These look amazing! I especially love the holo shimmer in Pretty In Punk.

Freshie said...

Pretty sure Pretty in Punk needs to be in my drawer right now!

Anonymous said...

OOOOOH, that some serious gorgeous right there!!

thegirlwho said...

Pretty in Punk over black - wowzers!!