Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Kahava + Giveaway!!! CLOSED


Today I don't have any nails, but I have a very cool product that I have been sportin all over town for the past month! KAHAVA

Kahava is the cool version of the fanny pack...but way, way cooler! It's a sash that you wear across your body, and it has inside pockets for money and credit cards and outside pockets for cell phones, iPods, GPS, and anything else that can fit in the pockets. This was invented because the owners daughter is deathly allergic to peanuts and he had to carry her medicine on him at all times...thus the birth of the Kahava, Here is the rest of the story

The outside pockets are secured by velcro and buckled fasteners! I was given this product for free, because the owner found me on the UCLA facebook page, and they have a UCLA Bruin collegiate Kahava, so they asked me to try it out.  I loved it so much I offered to write a review, thats' how much I love this product!!

Here I am wearing the Kahava in medium. There is a big patch of Velcro that secures the Kahava to you, so you can adjust the size depending if you wear it under a jacket or over a jacket

So I'm sure your wondering, "How much stuff can you fit in them?"..well let me show you...

In the window pocket I could fit my cell phone (Motorola droid pro) or my iPod classic!

In the closed pocket (which is the same size as the window pocket) I had this...

Lip-gloss, cuticle pen (of course), metal tin of aspirin, and Excedrin and a small round thingy of lotion. There was room for more, but that's all I had in there!

Then there are the 2 inside pockets which lay against your body away from possible "pick pocket fingers"

The large pocket has compartments for bills and 4 credit cards slots.

In the smaller inner pocket I had these...

My mini tin of Altoids and some receipts/coupons...oh and my car keys (not pictured) :)

So I know you are wondering where I have worn this...I'll tell you...I've taken it:

~My niece and nephews soccer games
~Nail polish shopping, I need all my hands free! LOL!
~To the jewelry/beading show
~Black Friday shopping
~After Christmas shopping

Basically anywhere you are going and you don't want to worry about the hassle of having a purse on your shoulder, this is the product for you. Seriously everywhere I went people asked me about this product and I told them everything I knew, so I just had to write a review for you. :)

This is also perfect for the Casino, Amusement Parks, Ball Parks, Concerts and perfect for new mothers that have to struggle with a diaper bag and newborn...just sling this across your body and you've got all the important things close at hand...perfect! A pregnant woman stopped me in Nordstroms and I gave her the website, she was sooo excited...its perfect!

It comes in Black, Grey, Red, and  Purple..they also have 3 new collegiate versions for UCLA, ASU and UH..oh and they have a new pocket that fits the passport for an additional $ how much do you think this will cost ya...$50?...$40?....Nope...$20..that's it, and free shipping in the USA...I'm serious! (the collegiate ones are $25)

This is the best $20 me!!

So Kahava has offered to give away 4 Kahava's to my readers..woo hoo!!!

This is ONLY open in the United States and Canada, and will be shipped directly from Kahava 's offices in California. ENTER ONCE!

GIVEAWAY ENDS January 5, 2011

So this is all you have to do:

1. Follow me
2. Follow Kahava on Facebook (extra point)
3. Tell me which color you like (purple, grey, red or black) and size, sizes are here

That's it! Put your entry in the form below!

I'll be sportin mine, to the baseball park for my niece and nephews games, on a cruise I'm planning for next summer, along with the fair  and the beach!  I've already sent these to my friends who literally live on a mountain in New Hampshire. They kayak, hike, snow shoe and ski and these were perfect for them! They loved them!
Yeah I'll be sportin my Kahava all over Southern California and I ask you where will you be wearing your Kahava?
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Alyssa Valentine said...

This is actually awesome and I got really excited when I saw this. I instantly thought back to all those months wearing a messenger bag at the amusement park. I chose that option because I didn't wat to carry anything, so the messenger bag would just lay across my body and that was that. But this thing... wow... what a great idea! Perfect for those essentials you need and perfect for the amusement park!

Unknown said...

It really is perfect and very comfortable!

Justine said...

This is brilliant! Why didn't I think of it? I hate dangling a purse on one shoulder that's always slipping off and cross-body shoulder-to-hip purses are sometimes too bulky for my minimalist needs.

Thanks for sharing!