Friday, June 15, 2012

Super simple China Glaze Kaleidoscope manicure

Today on this "June Gloom" day, I decided to show you my super simple, super lazy...LOL,  super holographic manicure, that I wore on a super sunny day last week...I had to get one more "super" in!!! :)

China Glaze "Kaleidoscope Him Out" and "It's My Turn", from the Kaleidoscope Collection from 2009.

I did 3 coats of each color, just to make sure the color was super saturated, and because this polish is thin there is no worry of having a clumpy thick manicure in the end.

I also used Orly "Bonder" as a base coat (over my usual base coat), to help adhere the polish to the nail. Holographic colors tend to flake off easily, so every little bit helps :)

So super pretty! This collection is, by far, my favorite collection. Every color is pretty indoors and outdoors, with and without sun!!!:)

Keep It Sweet and Happy Friday!

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Rutan S said...

I super love it!!

Unknown said...

@Rutan S- LOL :)

Melissa said...

Gorgeous!! You can't go wrong with holos.

K @ Karines Vernis Club said...

I have yet to try mine they look amazing on you