Monday, June 11, 2012

OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps Swatches and Review

"OPI launches Pure Lacquer Nail Apps for instantaneous manicures and pedicures created using precut nail strips made of 100% real nail lacquer – providing a high-gloss finish, long-lasting wear and zero dry time. Offered in both cream and shimmer finishes, Nail Apps are available in 14 different styles – ranging in design from edgy snake print and fishnet to feminine gold lace and floral."

Today I'll show you the "Reptile" print and it wad a lot of fun and super easy!

In the package there are 2 strips just like this one. The package is vacuum sealed, to make sure the strips are not dried out.  I like how there is a "pattern flow" between each nail, so if you wear each one in order, the pattern flows nicely between each nail. Nice! :)

At first glance I wasn't too jazzed about the color choice in the pattern, gold, browns and rose...but it worked out. 

The strips have a clear film on top, that you have to remove and then peel off the strip and apply smoothly to the nail.  These are super sticky, so once they are on, they are not easy to adjust. Remover is the only way they are coning off. LOL :)

I used a base coat , but no top coat with these Apps.  Next time I will do a layer of a base color similar to the App so the sides are not as bare. 

Most Apps do not lay smoothly on my nail, because they have a slight curve to them. So if I do wear a Nail App, I make sure it has a pattern, so you can not see the folds of the App as much.  :)

After they are applied, you file the app down along the edge and peel off the excess. That's it! 

Easy manicure, and even though the tips suffered at the hands on my "mis-filing", it still is a great option and worth it if you are always on the go, or traveling and it took less than 20 minutes. Can't beat that!  :)

I have 2 more Apps  to try and will review in the future, aren't they pretty!!  Keep it Sweet!

"Pure Lacquer Nail Apps are available this month at Professional Salons, including Beauty Brands, Beauty First, Chatters, Dillard’s, JCPenney, Pure Beauty, Regis, Trade Secret, and ULTA, for the suggested retail price of $11.95.

            For more information, please call 800-341-9999 or visit Follow OPI on Twitter @OPI_PRODUCTS and become a Facebook fan!"

*Product provided by PR

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Marisa said...

Wow these look great!! Seem fairly simple to work with too.

Nicole said...

I usually have problems with nail overlays like this. Which one do you like better, SH or OPI? I always end up getting the free edges yucky overtime. It is a pretty pattern.

Unknown said...

I find that the Sally's were easier to apply because they were not as sticky and could be adjusted before you did the final "press and smooth" . Know what I mean? The OPI's are super sticky and once they are in place or a tip has stuck to your nail it is not going anywhere. I think the OPI's would last longer, because they are soooo sticky!.

Raine said...

Super cute! Reminds me of alligator scales!

Lusty For Lacquer said...

I tried these just recently. I put on Peacock but it was frustrating getting them on with wrinkles...maybe I'll get better the more I use them. It was also a little hard to get off. the polish got stuck to my fingers from the cotton balls. Maybe next time I'll try the foil technique like we do for glitters.

MyStefyNail said...

Nice pattern!!

Enamel Girl said...

they look really good on you! i didn't notice the tips until you pointed them out.

beachgal said...

I am loving some of the new OPI apps I have been seeing on blogs- still not thrilled with the price point on most of this type of product however...but OPI's don't look as much like wallpaper for nails as others do.