Thursday, June 14, 2012

Catrice "Blue Cara Ciao"...with a KICK!!!!

Hello it's another gloomy day in LA! But I have a super pretty blue that honestly reminds me of the perfect pool water... before everyone jumps in and muddy's it up, LOL!!!!

Catrice "Cara Ciao"
2 coats, topped with 1 coat of Wet n Wild "Party of Five" glitter. :)

Love this blue, ! "Cara Ciao" is a vibrant and smooth Robin egg blue creme. Catrice is my favorite brand from Germany, or from Europe for that matter.  I actually may travel to Germany, just so I can get my hands on this polish luggage would be super heavy on the trip back!!! LOL!

Even though I loved this blue, once I painted my nails with it, I just had to top it with something. Hmmm???

 I wanted to make sure that whatever I used, did not cover all the fabulous blue of the Catrice, so Wet n Wild's  "Party of Five" glitter was perfect!

Keep It Sweet!

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Mari... said...


K @ Karines Vernis Club said...

so summery, I love Catrice, one of my fav brands

KarenD said...

Great combination! I love Catrice, too; they'd make so much money off me if they'd just sell over here. :)

Tough Nails said...

This is a really great color combo and the perfect summer manicure!

PassionForPolish said...

Really pretty combo!