Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I've got the "Essie Blues"

No sun in So Cal today, so here are some of my favorite colors done by my least favorite brand, Essie.

Me and Essie's don't get along, the formula is always thin and most of the colors require 3 coats to be opaque or to cover up bald spots.

Now, I will admit with some of there latest colors, they have begun to shy away from their usual thin pastel shades and have come "into the light", sporting brights, neon's and even some dusty dark colors. :)

So because they are starting to fall back into my good graces, I've decided to share some of my favorite blues from the past.

Essie "Lapis Of Luxury"
Resort 2010 Collection
2 thickish coats, no top coat

"Lapis of Luxury", a great periwinkle/blue creme. It really does lean perfectly in both color directions. The perfect periwinkle blue chameleon! :)

Essie "Sag Harbor"
North Fork Collection Summer 2009
2 coats, no top coat

"Sag Harbour", a slightly greyed out ice blue shimmer. So pretty! I found this one last year in the bargin bin at my favorite Beauty Supply, what a mistake that was, this bad boy should never be in a bargin bin, it's way to pretty!

Essie "Turquoise and Caicos"
Resort 2010 Collection
2 thickish coats, no top coat

"Turquoise and Caicos", out of all the colors, this one gave me the most issues on application. It maybe the perfect turquoise creme, but it was not perfect applied. a bit thick, and I had to fight the "nail drag" to get 2 perfect coats. But look at it?...it was worth the fight :)

Essie "Shelter Island"
North Fork Collection Summer 2009
2 thickish coats, no top coat

"Shelter Island" a super fun robin egg blue creme. Perfect!

Of course I love them all, they are BLUE and I bought them, or specifically swapped for them.  LOL!

I still had to do "thickish" coats on them, so that I would not get bald spots or streaks, which sometimes can happen with Essie's. :)

Keep it Sweet!

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Simona @lightyournails said...

Sag Harbor is so pretty. I must say though that the only Essie I've tried so far was a fail for me. Good for my wallet.

Katie said...

Love Essie's blues. Lapis of Luxury is one of my favorite polishes. I'm glad they have reached more out of their comfort zone.

nail crazy said...

i really can't decide and pick a favorite here, all of them look great, such a sweet colors <3

Regarding Rehse said...

You will love the new blue - Bikini So Teeny!

Anonymous said...

Turquoise and Caicos is one of those colors I always pick up, put in my basket, and then talk myself out of by the time I make it to the register. Maybe next time we'll make it all the way. It's so lovely.