Monday, September 10, 2012

I've got the Maybelline Blues :)

Happy Monday!

I did a little polish shopping over this weekend, okay I did A LOT. Most of it online, so when my new colors come in I will definitely show you pics of them, but today I have 2 pretty blues I purchased 2 weeks ago at my local Walgreens.

Maybelline Color Show "Styled Out" and "Denim Dash", 2 coats each.

These are pics of my left hand, and I was pleasantly surprised at how well these 2 colors applied. Smooth and easy to control and opaque in 2 coats. The actual colors did not wow me, like I had hoped. They kind of lay "flat" on the nail,  but still not terribly bad :)

Here is my right hand...

I topped this with my usual 2 coats, 1 regular top coat and 2nd was Seche Vite.

These colors aren't bad for the price, $2.99-$4.99, however they did start to chip and peel at the edges that very same night. Overall, not too impressed with this brand.  I guess you get what you pay for? :)

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Lusty For Lacquer said...

I picked them up at a local rite aid and promptly put them back down as they wanted to charge $6 for it?!!! I was like HUH???? I knew they were a lot cheaper in Wal-Mart so I will just pick them up there.

Essie Rae said...

Pretty Pretty - I LOVE blue:)

beachgal said...

I bought the deeper of the 2 blues here only because I have a real weakness for dusty blues. Like you I found they started to peal or chip off. I took it off and did them again over using Gelous over the 3 coats and then they did not chip for about 4 days which is average wear time for me with most all polishes. I had not bought a Mayboline polish in eons. We don't even get many of them here. Interesting that they are so much cheaper at Walgreens than Rite Aide. My Rite Aide's display is bare now but for maybe 3 bottles...they never restocked these and they seemed to go fast. I read on another blog one of these 2 blue shades someone got on clearance thinking it was a Target or Walmart..made me wonder if this line was not going to continue..they sure had a ton of shades..did not see like a line they would bright out only for one release. Your comment about you get what you pay for often I find true...Sinful is super hit/miss on formulas/wear. I think I would buy more Sinfuls just to play with a color I know I won't wear but a few times...but we don't get much in where I live in Sinfuls - not at my Rite Aide nor my Walgreens.