Friday, September 28, 2012

I totally forgot.....

I had swatches of the China Glaze Safari Collection (do you remember back that far), and I never posted them, wow, *smack me stupid* LOL!

I know you ave seen these a million times all over, but it is only of selected colors I purchased, so it will be fast. :)

China Glaze "Elephant Walk", "Man Hunt", "I'm Not Lion", and "I Herd That".

China Glaze
"Elephant Walk", 2 coats, no top coat
Green based grey creme with silver fine shimmer

Love, it's a keeper!

China Glaze
"Man Hunt", 2 coats no top coat
Electric blue creme

Super in love with this color, of course!

China Glaze
"I'm Not Lion", 2 coats, no top coat
Beige multi-colored ultra fine glitter

Very nice and easy to apply, this is a winner!

China Glaze
"I Herd That", 2 coats, no top coat
Burnt orange multi-colored ultra fine glitter

Love this color as well! Actually it was easy to apply :)

Of course I love all of them, I only purchase what I LOVE! LOL! Sorry this is so late, I do not know how these pics got past me :)

Keep It sweet!

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BurbBeauty said...

Love the colors you chose! The best of the collection, in my opinion. Elephant Walk is especially nice on you. :)