Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sall Hansen Insta-Dri Fall 2012, Select Swatches

A couple weeks ago I ran across the display for the new Sally Hansen Insta-Dri's for Fall 2012, and 3 colors stood out to me, Freeze!, In a Flurry and Purple Haste. These are the three darker shades in the collection, and they scream "FALL" to me :)

Left to Right: Freeze!, In a Flurry and Purple Haste.

Sally Hansen
2 coats, no top coat

Fabulous!!!! This is a super saturated glass fleck medium blue polish. It sparkles like no other glass fleck, and at times it totally looks like a foil. I love this color, and because it is so easy to apply, I will definitely be using it again.

But beware this color stains. There is a price you must pay, for a beauty like this :)

Sally Hansen
"In a Flurry"
2 coats, no top coat

Amazing!!!  Then check it out in indirect sunlight...

This is awesome!!!! Black base with a ton of chunky shimmer with duochrome qualities.   Amazing, green, gold, blue and purple flakes of shimmer! Gorgeous!!! This will be my "go-to" color for fall for a quick manicure.

Sally Hansen
"Purple Haste"
2 coats, no top coat

Can you see the blue glitter, they are really pretty! Check it out in indirect sunlight...

I love those little blue guys, LOL! This is a great purple shimmer with flecks of bright blue glitter. This great color, dries smooth and the glitter is amazing!

All 3 of these colors are amazing. Smooth, and surprisingly easy to apply! I was seriously shocked, given that fact that I usually fight with SH Insta-Dri brushes during application. These brushes were "trouble free" and the formula was great, I had no drag or pooling issues :)

You can find these at your local drug store, Target or select Bed, Bath and Beyond Stores.

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beachgal said...

These have not hit my local Rite Aide (only thing I have for 35 miles around)...but looked at the Walgreens 50 miles from me this past Tues and nope - not there either...I have been seeing Flurry and want it - now seeing these - oh gosh, the indirect lighting shots make me want all 3 of these them even more!

beachgal said...

RE the staining - I used to get stains but now I don't even from reds and blues that others say stain on them...I hydrate my nails a ton (fav at night is Barielle Intensive Nail Renewal Oil (from Barielle direct or look for it's PRO line counterpart named something slightly different at Sally's)...then I found my base coat that works to hold down all stains - Orly Nail Armour - it's a ridge filler but I don't have ridges - but it lays down a buff shade and I always always put down 2 coats - sometimes 3 on my toes before my color goes on. Maybe give this a try and see if it's helps you.

B.Stone said...

Wow, these look really good! If I see those last two in the store I know I'll grab 'em up, lol. Thanks for swatching!

Nanabeams said...

Oh so pretty! I have a hard time buying nail polishes. I prefer the "trouble free" ones lol. I have a yellow instadry one and it is so thick and goopy :(

XmasOrnamentsWorld said...

Nice. Some times nails can be a work of art.
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