Friday, September 21, 2012

Tomorrow is football day...

Yep, another day of watching my nephew and other 8-10yr olds play football!!!!  Since I have not decided what manicure I'm going to sport tomorrow for the big game, here is the manicure I sported a couple weeks ago.

I used the saran wrap method. If you are not sure what this is, here is a the tutorial I followed from NAILED IT.

American Apparel "Passport Blue" and China Glaze "Champagne Bubbles".

First I stated with 2 coats of "Champagne Bubbles "..

Can you see the bubbles? This is a very pretty Dijon mustard yellow shimmer with silver glitter. Dries fast and smooth, no issues.

Once it was dry to the touch, I painted each nail with 1 coat of the AA color, and used little balls of Saran Wrap and dabbed the top of the nail, until I achieved the right mix of colors. Then I moved on to the next nail, and ....

Because I used such a dark color on top, clean up was a mess! Definitely won't do this again with a dark color on top. Don't make my mistake,  I've seen this manicure done with lighter colors on top, and it is great!. :)

Almost has a tie dye effect, very unique! :)

Very funky... very easy, I love it!  Let's Go Wildcats!

Keep It Sweet and Happy Friday!

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Marisa said...

I love the colors you chose, this looks really cool!

Unknown said...

@MariJo- Thank U. They are his team colors, so I'm a bit limited, LOL!

Mz Manicure said...

Sorry that clean-up was so messy on this mani, cause I LOVE the final outcome! It's really gorgeous. :D