Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Purple Crack....

Tonight PRINCE will be performing in Chicago, my old home town. :( Alas.... I did not buy tickets, because I have other commitments, and I know I can do a lot more with my money than buy a concert ticket AND plane ticket......but I was THIS close to going, trust me!!!

So in honor of the concert, I WON'T be seeing (I've seen him in concert 4 times), here is a purple manicure, that I did a while ago and frankly forgot all about... until today! :)

2 coats of Essence "Where is the Party?" under 1 coat of China Glaze "Fault Line".

The essence is a duo-chrome shimmer, with flashes of green, purple, and sometimes silver, hey I guess that makes it a multi-chrome shimmer ;)

It applied easily in 2 coats, it was a bit runny on the first coat, but the second coat went on nicely. Once it was dry to the touch I applied one coat of the China Glaze crackle.  It is hard to capture the chrome flashes in the pics, but in person, it is very obvious on the nail. :)

Since the crackle dries with a slight matte texture, I applied my usual top coat to help it dry and give it shine! I know we've all seen crackles and we are "over them", but I think it's nice to be reminded how much we initially liked them and were intrigued by them in the beginning. :)

Overall I really like this manicure even though my camera did not, LOL :)

Keep It Sweet!

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