Monday, March 24, 2014

My St. Patrick's Day Manicure

Yep...I know, I's 7 days later, but I promised I would share it and here it is!

Zoya "Holly" and "Ivanka"
2 coats, with top coat

I applied two coats of "Holly", and then topped it with two splashes of "Ivanka" at the top.  After a coupe minutes had passed I layered OPI "Top Coat", and Seche Vite to the manicure to make it last.

In direct sunlight it is difficult to see the difference, but in indirect light, you can really see it...

This is more accurate to how they appear the majority of the time. You can really see how "Ivanka" stands out against "Holly".  I loved this manicure, and I plan on wearing it again, even though it will not be St. Patrick's Day. :)

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Unknown said...

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Psychop├╝ppi said...

i really love this <3

thegirlwho said...

Gorgeous! The indirect sunlight photos are so beautiful!