Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crystal and My Polish Budget

Yes ....I have finally  put myself on a polish budget, this is the moment when a girl realizes she has a SERIOUS POLISH HABIT!!!! :P

Do you have a polish budget? I haven't set my amount yet and i need to know "whats a reasonable amount per month"?  You can email me if you want... alesia60614(at)yahoo (dot) com

Please tell me what your monthly polish budget is, chime in ladies, help a sistah out!! LOL!

While you ponder your budget, take a good look at this beauty

Zoya "Crystal"
3 coats, topped with 1 coat of Zoya Armour and then 1 coat of Seche Vite.

I am so happy Zoya made this color, not only because it is a dead on dupe of OPI "Reflecting Pool" (and I don't have reflecting pool), but because it is so freakin fabulous!

Gorgeous teal blue foil with golden shimmer.  This polish didn't need 3 coats (only 2 for opacity), but I did 3 because I was determined to wear this all week....yeah that's how pretty this one is!!!

I asked a (non-polish) friend what she thought a good figure was per month and she said $10...I seriously LOL...that's not even realistic for me with my polish budget, you can email me or put it in the comments, I don't care, but I need help figuring out a good figure.  :)

In the meantime, isn't Crystal pretty!!!
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Une Ruxi à Paris said...

I spend about 100 € a month on polish. Damn! I should probably take it down a notch

Hook Prism Power said...

Wow! It's like she was made for your skin tone! I own Crystal and she does not look this amazing on my pale ass hands! Hhhhmmm maybe a polish budget isnt a terrible idea lol!

ShortAndSweetNails said...

Hmmm I really should have a budget but whenever I put a limit on myself is when I go nuts wanting to shop. Right now I'm in a buying slump so I'm good! LOL
I'd say $20 a week? Or $50-60 a month?! LOL

Gorgeous zoya there.

Unknown said...

Beautiful!! Oh girl I so need to put my butt on a budget. Lol!! It's really hard. Right now I'm trying not to buy whole collections especially since there are so many look alikes now. I need to ponder and just don't jump so quickly when they comes out. I'm going to look at more swatches and shop my stash to see if I have a dupe or near dupe that's satisfying. I hope this helps :)

MightyLambchop said...

I'm really cheap so I set my budget to 20 a month. However, I do often bank it so I can do a massive haul. I make exceptions only in the case of say, Orly Cosmic FX when I bought the entire collection. ;)

BMR said...

The other day, when I realized I had ten unused bottles of nail polish, that I needed to set a limit to how much I buy. So I'm starting out with $30/month for polish. And I know that can easily go with two colors for some brands, but I don't buy those brands unless they are having a great sale anyway. With that said, since I really REALLY want a lot of the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection, I'm trying not to spend my $30 limit this month. And for next. We'll see how much I stick top this.

Crystal looks great on you.

Dainty Darling Digits said...

I have a hard time setting a specific budget but I basically just try to not spend anything unless it is on sale (BOGO or big price slash).

Unknown said...

You guys all make great points, and suggestions. I'm soaking it all up, trust me! Thank U :)

... said...

Depends on how much you really like the new collections coming out. Another good thing to try is physically putting aside the money for it. Say you want a $100 budget. If you spend it all, great: you've got a lot of new pretties. Otherwise, what money you have leftover, you can stash away as savings for something else or add it to the next month's polish budget. That way, you can essentially almost always have a little more to spend than you thought. :) ....Now, I gotta start doing that. :D

Unknown said...

I've had a budget for a few years now. $50 a month. Sometimes I exceed my budget, but not often at all, it has to be something really special to me and planned for, othertimes I don't spend it at all. It is a use or lose budget for me. If I only spend $20 one month, I don't make it $80 the next month. I also will sometimes swap it out for something else I might want. So if I WANT (not need) something else like makeup or something, I trade out my polish money for that. Seems weird that I am so strict with myself when I'm starting my own polish line. Maybe that's why I am planning on keeping my releases to 4 polishes - must be a subconscious thing! HA!

Unknown said...

@LadyC- That's exactly what I have plans on doing, cash only. I'm using the "envelope system",,wish me luck :)

@R3Beauty- This is exactly what I plan on doing, I'm happy to hear it works for you, wish me luck! :)

P.S. and thanks for keeping your polish line collections small, as soon as Easter comes (gave up buying polish for lent), I'm buying some of your beauties, you made great colors!

cathryn said...

i really dont budget my polish money. if i cant swing it, i dont buy it.

i guess in a sense i roughly budget as i only buy one or two "expensive" polishes a month? i give myself free range with dollar store find because theyre usually discontinued or not on any other shelves. ill get an OPI here or there but it kills me to spend more than 3$ on a bottle when there are SO many amazing inexpensive ones!

Anonymous said...

Um, no set budget cause if there is well....I kinda just broke it. I just spent more tha $100 on an order. >.<

Fairymoore said...

Gorgeous! I wouldnt even know where to begin because they're are times when I go months without a single polish purchase and then times when i go coo coo bananas and buy like 40 in one month! good luck!


Aly said...

I don't have a budget but I record all my expenses so last year when I realized how many € I spent on polishes (many of them from US) I stopped my crazy buying (and limited to a couple polishes per month, avoiding shops and e-tailers).
Now I feel the need of buying some of new collections so I think it's a kind of cycle for me, also last year on March and July I went bananas and bought a lot of polishes (I just counted that between July and August I bought 56 polishes :-0 - BTW many of them are still in my untrieds). I love Maria's idea of fixing a limit and do a "use or lose" budget.