Monday, March 7, 2011

China Glaze: Tronica Swatches

I vowed not to miss out on another holographic collection after I missed out on OMG sand Kaleidoscope.  So with the help of a lovely reader, Kim, I got my hands on the entire collection :)

All swatches are with base coat, but NO top coats.

2 coats

Digital Dawn
2 coats, a gorgeous light copper, great against tan skin :)

3D Fantasy
2 coats, more like a burnt sienna color, very different, very unique color. The most unique color in the collection.

Mega Bite
2 coats, a great subtle gold :)

Laser Lime
3 coats, a tad thin and there was "drag" on the 2nd coat.BUT GORGEOUS! Good holo on this one!

3 coats, a tad thin and there was "drag" on the 2nd coat. This is a staple and would be great for layering other holographic's that are older and HTF or VHTF like DS "Shimmer", OPI "Paris Couture for sure", etc.Good holographic on this one too :)

Hyper Haute
2 coats, reminds me of OPI "DS Extravagance" in tone, I'll have to compare later :)

Electra Magenta
2 coats, this one is just plain "Pretty". Great holo on this one and the color is awesome!

Virtual Violet
2 coats, great strong color and holo, perfect!

Gamer Glam
2 coats, another winner, a great strong pretty and bright but still "light".

High Def
2 coats, Very close in color to "2NITE", I'll have to compare later.

Techno Teal
2 coats, a very cute "kissin cousin" to DV8, not linear holo, but if you don't have DV8, grab this one

Now, it is true that the holo does not deliver like the other China Glaze collections "OMG" and "Kaleidoscope", but what they DO deliver on is well pigmented color. 

The color is truly gorgeous and my pics do not do these colors justice, they are bright and strong and I love them, and the holo is way better than my pics show. :)

My favorites are "Virtual Violet" (seriously grab this one, even if you have "LOL"), "Electra Magenta", "Laser Lime", "Gamer Glam" and "Hologram".

So, tell me what do you think? Any comparisons, you'd like to see?
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~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

I'd love to see them compared to their cousins in the OMG collection. Did you see they have an OMG on evil bay for $30??????

Unknown said...

Lovely swatches. I do have the other 2 collections but still caved on the Tronica's :)

Une Ruxi à Paris said...

I looove them all!!

Unknown said...

@Elizabeth- $30?...that's crazy!!!! LOL

@rmcandelight- I think Tronica will be overlooked, but it shouldn't be, it still has some gems :):)

@Une Ruxi a Paris- I do too :):)

Barilla said...

Agreed. I'm loving it. Great pics!

Unknown said...

@Ya Gotta Hand It To Me- Thank You :)

Bregje said...

Ahh what can I say really, *drool :)
Some stunning colors there!

Megan Harmeyer said...

I picked up about 6 or 8 of these for myself and Techno Teal and Hyper Haute are my faves.

LadyLuck said...

I was about to get some of this few days ago, i didnt because the holo is too weak and the price was $7 each.

Unknown said...

@Shiny!- They are nice!

@Megan- Those will be great colors on you!! :)

@ladyluck- Wait till they go on sale, then grab them! LOL!

attackedastoria said...

I was skeptical about this collection when I saw swatches, but I grabbed Techno Teal and Virtual Violet anyway and I love them! The colors are so pigmented that it makes up for the not so strong holo effect, in my opinion. After seeing your swatches I kind of want Lime now, too.

Unknown said...

@attackedastoria- I'm so happy you agree, the strong pigmented color definitely , makes up for the holo :);)

Inge (PolishSis) said...

Your swatches are great! I don't mind they are not the same as the OMG's, every collection has o be unique in some way!

Unknown said...

@Polishsis- I agree! :):)

T said...

VERY NICE photos! i like hi def!!

rijaH said...

Gorgeous pictures <3

AllThingsNails! said...

Great job! I have four and now wondering should I get more - lol... :)

Enamel Girl said...

lovely swatches. its a great idea to use Hologram for layering. i may pick that one up.

Carina M said...

You know what? I'm not impressed with the colors. I think their holographics have lost their edge over their OMG/Kaleidoscope collection.

I saw the Tronica collection in person at my Sally B the other day. I had gone in there, ready to buy and went, "Eh. I don't want to." I've *never* said that before. NEVER. I left Sally B without purchasing anything. Hubby and friends were shocked.

(I still envy your gorgeous hands!)

Unknown said...

Where did you find them? I'd like to have some, but i'm in france, this collection is not available here!!!!

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