Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pretty blue sparkles...has a price!

I recently placed my first Nubar order (haul pics coming later) and I added this beauty to the list...

"Night Sparkle"
2 coats

It's a great blue sparkle nail color, what could be wrong?  I'll tell stained my nails blue after less than 24 hours wear...smurf nails..AHHHHHHH! and it took 3..yes I said 3, coats of Nubar Diamont to get a smooth finish....oye vay!!! :)

First off, I applied 2 coats of base coat, because I had a sneaking suspicion that the great blue color would be left on my nails.  Then I did my usual 2 coats of color and it dried very, very matte, then I applied the first coat of Diamont and this color turned into a "nail polish sponge"..LOL!! My top coat was sucked dry by the color...LOL :( Oh boy!!!!!

Then I applied the 2nd coat of Diamont and it was shiny, but I still had serious bumps, so I waited an hour and finally applied the 3rd coat of top coat  and it was FINALLY smooth!

But after all this, my nails felt like they were covered with cement so I had to take it I'm telling you that you can have this great looking manicure too, if you don't mind 7 coats of STUFF...LOL!

Next time I'll try a Diamont /Seche Vite combo..maybe Seche Vite will work better on the bumps.

Anybody have the same issues??

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Hook Prism Power said...

Wow 7 coats! haha! This is so pretty though! I love how Regal and rich it looks.

KarenD said...

This one makes you work for it, eh?
I've had good luck with Gelous under my topcoat for smoothing out bumpy glitters.

Carina M said...

I am pretty sure I have this color and as much as I love how glitter looks, it's a pain to take it off.

Nubar changed the formula for their Diamont top coat. Not sure what the heck they did, but it's no longer super glossy and pretty. It also takes a millennium to dry now, too.

I use Poshe. Seche Vite makes me gag every time I open up the bottle. :(

jbrobeck said...

I bought this entire collection when it first came out. I swapped only two of these away, the red and the blue. I could not handle the stains and I had better red glitter!

For me to avoid the glitter eating the top coat I did glitter, barielle mani extended, and one coat of SV. HTH!

nail crazy said...

i'm forgiving all , because it looks perfect :-D

amusedPolish said...

you're making me painting this gorgeous polish :o I think that'll be my next manicure

Rory said...

It does look fabulous, but the staining plus the 7 coats? Eeek! I just don't have that kind of patience!

Megan Harmeyer said...

Man this is a great color! But I don't know that it's worth all the extra coats. I don't have any glitter Nubars, but I have the same issue with Studio M Slamming Red (minus the staining).

Icequeen81 said...

Nice color, I have to give u a compliment about your new layout are those the Sour candie? I love them

Dante said...

Too much. More than two coats is pushing it! Looks good though.

Dominique -aka- 美華ちゃん said...

Omg 7 coats?? It IS pretty though.