Friday, March 18, 2011

The last of my green week manicures

I hope everyone is recovering well from their St. Patrick's Day celebrations well :)

Today I have a green that isn't really "my kind of color", but I think it's pretty anyway :)

"Damone Roberts 1968"
3 coats

This was a limited edition color that was released by OPI but, you had to purchase it from Damone Roberts Salon.  Damone Roberts is a well known eyebrow artist in Beverly Hills, and this color is the color on the walls of his salon.

I had issues with this green, which makes me sad because I wanted it to be so much better :(
The formula was thinner than most OPI pastel colors and thus I needed 3 coats.  Also the formula bubbled and created these very small air bubbles under my top coat. ..Grrrrrrr :(

Other than those issues, the color is very striking, kinda like a 1950's appliances green. You know that green you see on all the appliances in homes from the 1950's.  The color is a bright vintage green but it still has a dusty hue to it, everyone noticed this color on my hands...LOL of all the hair raising colors I come into the office with, this one got the most reactions...hilarious!.

When I see this color, it invokes images of suburban housewives making meatloaf in their lace aprons and high heels, and perfectly coiffed hairdo's...LOL :)

See the bubbles?!..Grrrrrrr.  I hope everyone had a safe and Happy St. Patrick's Day :)
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Aly said...

LOL for the bubbles/grrrrr and the raising hair of your colleagues...It's not my fav tone of green but I think it looks very good on you!

Megan Harmeyer said...

I want to love this color, but I just don't. Maybe because my skin is so fair? Dunno. Either way, it looks good on you and it's perfect for St Pat's Day.

nail crazy said...

i love this color, too bad for 3 coats and bubbles... but i realy love this color, i'm wearing something similar right now - essence check me out :-D

Unknown said...

@ Everyone- Thanks ladies, I love the color too, but the bubbles jut kill me, maybe I should should do like Damone Roberts and paint my walls with it instead..LOL :)

Recalcitrant Nails said...

It looks good on you even if its not "your color". A great addition to any stash too.

Enamel said...

lol, the vision of updos is funny. this is still hidden away in my untrieds.

sorry you didn't like it. i think the color is gorgeous on you!

Lacquer Addicts Anonymous said...

Seriously! I have seen a lot of greens passing by since it was St Patricks day but this one is so much different from the ones I have seen!

Absolutely gorgeous!

shortwidenails said...

thanks for sharing the tidbit on the color name..I never ever knew about it.

I like the color..not a love..but close =)