Tuesday, March 29, 2011

OPI "I Juggle...Men" on top of...

Yeah, I realize that title sounds dirty, but it's not, I promise..LOL *crosses fingers and toes*

Here is the new color from OPI's Soft Shades Collection, Femme De Cirque Collection, "I Juggle...Men",, on top of some familiar OPI colors.

When I first saw this color, I imagined it on top of a black creme and then I started to think a little outside the box and started to think of some other OPI colors where the sparkle would really come out.

So here ya go...

Thumb to Pinkie: (2 coats each) Yoga-ta Get This Blue, Suzi Skies The Pyrenees, Here today...Aragon Tomorrow, You Don't Know Jacques, Russian Navy.

Then here they are with "I Juggle...Men" 1 coat over...

OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue

OPI "Suzi Skies The Pyrenees, "Here today...Aragon Tomorrow"

OPI "You don't know Jacques"

OPI "Russian Navy"

Then I decided 2 coats of "I Juggle...Men" was very necessary ;)

2 coats of OPI "Yoga-ta Get This Blue", and 2 coats of "I Juggle...Men", so pretty, I love this combo!!

2 coats of OPI "Suzi Skies The Pyrenees, and "Here today...Aragon Tomorrow", both topped with 2 coats of "I Juggle...Men". I love the combo using "Suzi Skies The Pyrenees", really pops! and check out the duo-chrome flecks, so pretty!

2 coats of OPI "You Don't Know Jacques", and 2 coats of "I Juggle... Men". I don't like this one so much, it's okay.
2 coats OPI "Russian Navy" and 2 coats "I Juggle...Men". Awesome, simply awesome!
So what do would you pair "I Juggle ...Men" over?
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Anonymous said...

It's a nice subtle addition. Pretty!

Unknown said...

@kittypolishnbags- I agree, great topper to "wake up" any boring creme!

AllThingsNails! said...

Thanks for showing us what this looks like layered.

Katrina said...

dang, thats such a pretty topper!!~ i like it over YDKJ!

Biba said...

Great layering combos :)

MsEloquence said...

I layered I Juggle on top of Zoya Dove. It created a great hidden shimmer to the gray.

Unknown said...

I am actually wearing I Juggle...Men over Russian Navy right now! I wanted t see I Juggle...Men swatches, and I'm amused/happy to see that someone else tried this combination!

(It looks gorgeous over "Aragorn," I may have to hunt that one down.)