Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mixed Metals

A couple weeks ago I attended a "silver clay" class.  Basically its clay that has micro fragments of silver embedded in it.  You can shape and form the clay into any piece of jewelry you want (including beveled stones) and once you are done, you BLAST it with a creme brulee torch, the clay burns off, the silver fragments fuse and become a solid piece of silver jewelry.

Anyway here is my manicure for that day...

I alternated OPI "Lucerne-tinely Look Marvelous", 2 coats and OPI "Glitzerland" 3 coats.

Now I did not like the class, the instructor gave us 2 hours of instruction , but only gave us 20 minutes to create a piece...yeah this WAS NOT kosher for me...LOL. But I did manage to walk away with a pretty individual piece :)

After it was done, we added "liver sulfur" to antique the piece and give the patterns dimension.

Neat technique, huh? Have you ever taken a class like this?

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Steffie said...

Ooh those polishes are pretty. And may I say that piece you made is quite beautiful. I love the kind of stripy pattern on the back.

Johanna (Paillette) said...

Cool mani!!

Really cool art!!

Michelle said...

I've been starting to research silver clay lately. I think I will sign up for a class.

Unknown said...

Sounds like an interesting class. I love your piece. Are you going to make necklace?

Your mani fits your jewelry piece...Lovely :)

jbrobeck said...

Cool concept! I have never heard of making jewelery this way! I like those two colors together on your nails. ;o)

Biba said...

Wow! I love the piece of jewelry you made.