Friday, May 20, 2011

Sparkle Bomb!

Don't ask me why I said "Sparkle Bomb", it just sounded fun to say..LOL :)

This is a manicure I did this past weekend, and I was very happy with it, and seriously did not want to take it off.   I was IN LOVE with the accent finger :)

This manicure is:

Manicure, 3 coats of China Glaze "Sexy In The City"
Accent Finger, 2 coats China Glaze "Hologram" topped with 2 coats of Maybelline "Shooting Stars"

"Sexy In The City" was surprisingly thin, but the color was gorgeous after 3 coats.  Great aqua blue shimmer with a brighter turquoise green shimmer underneath.

Now.."Shooting Stars" was a Dollar Tree find, and boy was it a great find.  When I first saw the bottle I thought, "I'll give it a try", and I did...after it sat on my counter for almost a year!!! Why did I wait???? *smacks head*

As a base, I thought China Glaze "Hologram" would be a great holographic polish to layer "Shooting Stars" over. I can see this as a fun manicure overall,  for going out to a club or something fun.  I'll have to try that soon :)

Awesome, silver holographic glitter with rectangular turquoise pieces of glitter, and the glitter complimented "Sexy In The City" perfectly! AWESOME!!!!

HA, you can see my camera in the reflection..LOL :)

Okay, I'm off to watch "Pirates Of The Caribbean" tonight, and of course I will be sportin one of the lovely OPI colors for the occasion...sooo Ahoy Maties!!! LOL :P

Happy Friday and remember...keep it sweet!
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KarenD said...

I can see why you wanted to keep that on--looks great! Love the layering on the accent nail. :)

Laura @ Sawan-Heaven said...

That is amazingly blinding!! Shooting Stars really does look amazing over Hologram.

Biba said...


Carly @ Lacquered Lover said...

Love the accent color! I'm a huge fan of the sparkle, and that's just glorious!

Une Ruxi à Paris said...

I love them both, but the Maybeline is amazing!! So shinny

Caitlin said...

this is SO pretty! I wouldn't have wanted to take it off either. I love the accent finger!

Gwen - SpaceLifeThoughts said...

That is really, really sparkly. Gotta love it!

Unknown said...

Thank You everybody :)

Giuditta said...

Wow beautiful combination!
Have fun at the movies!

Refined and Polished said...

This is a gorgeous blue!!! Don't you just love cheap finds that turn out amazing?!?

Olivia said...

Shooting Stars is amazing! *drools*

Toyomi said...

The accent nail is gorgeous ! I love it.

Johanna (Paillette) said...

I have to admit I've got this polish and I'm not sure what to do with it!
Great inspiration!!!