Monday, October 1, 2012

Orly "After Party"

Happy October!!!!!  Today I have a color I purchased this summer, but held onto till Fall, because honestly, it had no reason being released in the summer.

Orly "After Party"
2 coats, with top coat

This was released along with the Orly Neon's this summer, and when I saw it I thought, "Great color!, but why isn't it being released in the fall?"

Orly "After Party" is a midnight blue shimmer with purple, blue and teal micro-shimmer. It went on well in two coats, perfectly opaque and it gave me no issues of pooling or bald spots. :)

 It is GORGEOUS!!!

Maybe Orly wanted to release this when it was summer time because you truly need the "suns rays", to catch all that fabulous sparkle?? Yeah? Maybe?? No matter, if you grabbed this dark and vampy color in the summer, dust it off and wear it again, it's perfect for October!!!

Happy October 1st and Keep It Sweet!

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Rainbowify Me said...

I just bought this in a blog sale, and seeing your gorgeous pics, I am happy I did :)

Mz Manicure said...

Awesome color! Did you trim your nails recently? I'm really digging the length you have right now, I think it's fab!