Thursday, September 27, 2012

Last of my summer manicures...

I found these pics in my files, these are the last shots of my summer manicures...I promise! But in my defense it is still 100 degrees here, so all the sunshine is totally fooling me! :).

Zoya "Myrta" and "Chloe". I painted 2 coats of "Myrta" on the index and pinkie finger. Then I tipped the center 2 nails and topped them all with "Chloe".  That's it!

The idea of pairing these two together was not my own, but the BRILLIANT idea of my friend Elizabeth A. at Lacquered Lizard. 

I took these pics in the indirect light of my patio cover, so that you can see how fabulous and awesome the flakes are, and how well the base tones of the 2 polishes match :)

Myrta is a warm medium orange based coral shimmer, and "Chloe" has a coral tinted jelly with multi-colored flakes.  This is was a great idea to pair them together, thanks Elizabeth :)

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~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

I have to say, you made it look better than I did. Love the tipped nails too.

Unknown said...

Oh wow this is soooooo pretty!