Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Del Sol "Trick-Or-Treat"

Today I have a fun polish to share with you by Del Sol. You remember this brand, it changes colors in the sun.  :)

Left: NO Sunlight. Right: Sunlight

 I first saw this polish last Halloween, and did not get it till months after. I've been holding onto to it till now to wear and share, it's FUN!!

Del Sol
3 coats over a nude base color. Top coat added.

Pictures are taken indoors with flash.

Note: How the bottle looks indoors, just like the polish on the hand :)

I started with 1 coat of Color Club "Best Dressed List" this is a great nude for me. Covers up the nail line in 1 coat, perfect "nail underwear", then I applied 3 coats of the Del Sol.

Trick or Treat is a great fine dusty orange glitter in a clear base.  I opted to do a nice nude base color instead of an orange color as a base, because once this beauty goes outside it is no longer orange and I wanted you to see what it is ALL about, in it's pure glitter glory! :)

Pictures taken outside after 30 seconds...

Gorgeous! At this point it is a deep red/brown/orange and the sparkle is intense...but wait till it hits 1 minute. :)

After 1 full minute and more ...

Wow! Amazing!and because i used a nude base color, all you see here is all of what the glitter offers. Also, this glitter is not gritty and dries to a smooth finish, so only 1 coat of top coat is required. :)

I love how it looks in the sun, deep blacked red glitter, and the glitter still sparkles and shines. Gorgeous!!!

I know you can find this on EvilBay for an inflated price, but I think you may still be able to get it on their website DEL SOL on sale for $7.50.

Keep It Sweet!

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~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

By far, my favorite Del Sol polish. The color change is amazing and perfect and they both look great on YOU! I remember you looking for it, where did you end up picking it up?

Dema said...

Hey! This is my only Del Sol. I LOVE it. I saw it on another blog this year and had to have it. Great swatches!

Unknown said...

@Elizabeth- a fellow nail polish lover found it at a local drugstore in Canada. But it is on sale online at their store now :)

@Dema- Thanks hun! :)

Anonymous said...

This polish is beautiful in the sun as well as in the shade and "between"!

Unknown said...

I have several Del Sols but I think this one is by far the prettiest. Love all the color changing it has. I lemming it now :)

AmyGrace said...

Wah, breathtaking! I'd stay outside all day. ^^

Unknown said...

Totally love the sparkle and wait, I just noticed the candy corn Halloween inspired background. I like.

tlatrice said...

Here you go AGAIN! Do you know my wish list is now at 77??? LOL!!!!