Friday, October 19, 2012

OPI "Changing of the Garnet" vs. Sinful "Mercury Rising"

Okay, I have a surprising comparison for you today. A while back I , like so many others, had OPI "Changing of the Garnet" on my wish list, and several months ago I was lucky enough to arrange a swap on MUA for it.  Woo Hoo! *insert wicked happy dance* :)

When I received the polish I was so happy to finally knock this lemming of my list! *insert another happy dance* That same week another swap from another MUA swapper arrived, and as an extra she included a very pretty Sinful, Sinful "Mercury Rising", it was gorgeous!

I am not a big "Sinful brand lover", only because it chips CRAZY on me, so I usually pass on these colors in the store and in swaps.

Unless a color, "calls to me", and I have to buy it (usually it is a blue polish), I usually pass on Sinful Nail Polishes. :) So sitting on my counter next to my beloved OPI "Changing of the Garnet", is this Sinful, and they are very similar in the bottle, so I say "Ha! Comparison Time"!!!!!

Left to Right: OPI "Changing of the Garnet", Sinful "Mercury Rising"



Are they dupes? Is one of them prettier than the other?

Nope, not dupes, not really close either! Index and ring finger are 3 coats of the OPI, and the middle and pinkie are 2 coats of Sinful.

Left to Right: OPI 3 coats, Sinful 2 coats.

Left to Right: OPI 3 coats, Sinful 2 coats. I thought I could get the same deep and luscious color out of the OPI if I applied more coats, but NOPE, the Sinful is just deeper, darker and amazing!

OPI "Changing of the Garnet" is a very nice garnet shimmer, with a slight copper micro shimmer underneath.  Because this is an older formula from OPI, it was thin but very smooth and easy to apply.

Sinful "Mercury Rising" is a deep garnet shimmer with a stronger copper micro shimmer with some added gold shimmer for contrast. No issues on application either, just lovely vampy color that was dripping with amazing-ness (yeah I made that up). LOL :)

Left to Right: OPI, Sinful, OPI and Sinful.

Left to Right: Sinful, OPI and Sinful.

I have to admit Sinful wins my vote for this one. I still love the OPI, but the Sinful has blown me away!  These 2 colors were the best swaps ever, and  the sinful was an extra..HA! Best EXTRA ever!!!!

Keep it Sweet and Happy Friday!

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Unknown said...

I love both!! I'm a January baby so Garnet is my birthstone so I love these even more because of that!! I have to say from the pictures I like the Sinful Colors more, too!! Great comparison and swatches!!

Unknown said...

@Tall Girl in Heels- I agree, and thanks for commenting! :)

Yasinisi said...

I love Mercury rising. it's so pretty :)

Tintin said...

They look close enough but I think I love the Sinful Colors coz it's more darker.

Unknown said...

Sinful Colors wins this round hands down!

rebecca said...

Love the Garnet Rising. I have an old Color Club color from 2008 or 2009 that reminds me of this. I will have to go pull it out and see how close it is. OK I looked before posting. Its Slow Jam. Not a dupe probably based on pics, but another similar color

B.Stone said...

That Sinful looks so good on you! I love the shape of your nail beds and nails.

kelly-devilishdesigns said...

Sinful looks absolutely amazing! :D thank you for the comparison

tlatrice said...

*sigh* Guess I'll be going to Walgreens to see if that Mercury Rising that I picked up and put down last night is still there. LOL!

January babies unite! :-)