Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sonoma Nail Art: "Deadly Zins" with OPI.

I loved this manicure, I seriously did!!!!

Left to Right: OPI "Vodka & Caviar", Sonoma Nail Art "Deadly Zins", and OPI " Vampires State Building".

Glitter bottle shot

I did 2 coats of Vampire with 2 coats of V&C on the ring finger, and then 2 coats of glitter on top. That's it!

This color is amazing.  It has a fabulous red tinted base, with red, purple and black glitter in hexagons and squares.  Amazing glitter to base ratio, and it applied perfectly over the reds, and I DID NOT have to "place" the glitter on the nail. Easy application and I think this applies better over another color, than on a nude nail. The glitter seems to jump onto the nail, it was effortless!

In indirect light outside...

Look at all that fabulous glitter! The glitter dried with some bumps, but not gritty. Still, 2 coats of top coat was necessary for a smooth and shiny finish!!

I loved this manicure!!!! LOVED!!!!!

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Unknown said...

Thats gorgeous! What a lovely colour!

Jazz x

Unknown said...

@glitterinfatuation jazz- Thank you! :)

Carinae Letoile said...

What collection is Vampire State Building from?

Unknown said...

@Carinae Letoile- OPI New York City Fall/Winter 2000.