Thursday, October 4, 2012

Glitter Gal "Belgian Chocolate"

Hellooooooo ladies and gents!  Today I have some chocolate to share! Now it is well known that I do not like chocolate, but today I have some that I LOVE, and I do not mind having this here it is!

Glitter Gal "Belgian Chocolate" is amazing! Glitter Gal is an Australian brand that develops amazing holographic polishes, as well as fabulous duo-chromes and "color shifter top coats".

Did you ever think a brown holographic polish could be so pretty?! I love this brown. I also love the fact that against my skin tone, it pulls out the red in it and makes this chocolate seem warmer, as if it has a little spice to it...woo hoo!

I applied 2 coats, which applied smoothly, and topped this with my usual 2 coats of top coat (regular and then fast dry), because I wanted to wear this color as long as I could and I did...5 days, and they were fabulous! :)

My girl Katherine of Manicure Addict posted this same color yesterday, and her nails look like yummy "dark chocolate" with this color. Check it out HERE.

Amazing! I purchased this polish for $11.50 at Ninja Polish. They shipped fast and secure and I got my polish in just a couple of days. They are out of stock now, but you can set up an email stock alert, and they will email you when it is back in stock.  :)


You can get it directly from :)

Keep it Chocolaty Sweet! :)

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Paulina said...

wow! awesome!

Unknown said...

Oh Wow this polish is amazing!!! Looks great on you too :)

Natalie said...

WOW just look at this one sparkle! Gorgeous!

Helen said...

This polish looks absolutely stunning! Another polish to add to my list of lemmings.

Tuli from PrettifyourNails said...

This belgian chocolate it's amazing, I have to give a bite on it!

Unknown said...

Absolutely beautiful and it looks amazing on you! <3