Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Why do I love Coterie?...because of Butter London!!!!

I finally swatched the Butter Londons I received from Coterie.  Coterie is a a website that offers quality beauty products for a fraction of the price. The sales are only open for a limited time, so once "the store opens", you have to log on and purchase before they are all gone :)

If you want to know more about Coterie and join, click the link below.


Back to my beauties :)  I almost forgot about them because they were tucked neatly away in a box in the corner of my stash. Ooopps ... No worries I freed them this weekend and here they are....:)

Left to Right: West End Wonderland, Knackered, Pillar Box Red, and Matte Finish Top Coat.

"West End Wonderland"
2 coats of color. Pinkie and ring finger have Matte Finish top coat applied.

Above: No top coat.

Above: 1 coat of Matte Finish top coat. This is a great fine gold glitter with small specks of copper and orange. Easy to apply and dries with a very fine grit, nothing 2 coats of top coat couldn't fix :) . Although I do see some very slight VNL, 3 coats and this will be perfect, and boy does it dazzle!  :)

Index and middle finger have 1 coat of black creme and 1 coat of "Knackered". Ring finger and pinkie have 3 coats of "Knackered".

Above: "Knackered" over black.

Above: 3 coats of "Knackered".

In indirect light.  I love the way it looks! :)

Then I applied Matte Finish top coat...

Now in indirect light (with Matte top coat)...

Swoon! Knackered is a super sheer green/purple duo-chrome with holographic sparkles. This is definitely too sheer to wear on its own, but over another color WOW! I am in love with Knackered over darker colors! I can't wait to see it over a dark green!:)

"Pillar Box Red"
2 coats of color. Pinkie and ring finger have Matte Finish top coat applied.

Above: 2 coats

Above: Middle finger is 2 coats, ring and pinkie are 2 coats topped with Matte Finish. :)

I love this red, it is a true pillar box (phone booth) red, creamy and perfect! :)

Overall, Butter London is a superb brand. Their polishes offer excellent quality and are easy to apply and control.  I am very happy with my Coterie order, each color is exactly what I wanted and I especially love how large my Matte Finish top coat is, this will last me a long time :)

*Product was offered by PR. 

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♥vendy♥ said...
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tlatrice said...

I hate I ever cyber-met you!! LOL!!! Girl, you have created about 5 new lemmings for me in less than 24 hours. I'd never even HEARD of Turquoise Opal till I perused your wish list. And now, I'm falling, tumbling hopelessly down the nail polish rabbit hole.

I MUST have Knackered. *sigh* :-)

Unknown said...

knackered is so so gorgeous oh my gosh! It's so amazing!

Jazz x

Unknown said...

@tlatrice- Whats even funnier is that my lemmings are created by OTHER bloggers, this stuff just trickles down to us all! LOL! Jump in girl! we are all in this together! :):)Keep the comments coming!

@Glitterinfatuation Jazz- Yes it is, I love how it changes and looks amazing in any light! :) Thanks for commenting!

rebecca said...

I got almost the same colors as you and these pics are awesome. I almost wish I got the matte top coat though.

tlatrice said...

OK, I've picked up WnW Gray Anatomy and Sinful Colors Let Me Go and I think they're both close enough to Knackered to keep me from spluring on them. Do you have these two and if so, do you think they compare?