Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween SPAM!

Okay so I had a lot of post set up for this month, but not enough days to post them all, so today you get HALLOWEEN SPAM!!

First up is a Manicure #1, "Holo Hills".
2 coats of Orly "Goth", then I used some scarp-booking scissors and frog-tape to make the "hills design", using OPI "Paris Couture For Sure". 

Then I used my dotting tool and the OPI to make "the stars" bigger. :)

Manicure #2. For this one I used some of the China Glaze Halloween Colors for 2012. 

Left to Right: China Glaze "Bizarre Blurple", "Rougish Red", "Bizarre Blurple" topped with "Glitter Goblin", and "Rougish Red".

"Bizarre Blurple" applied perfectly in 2 coats, gorgeous. "Rougish Red" was a bit difficult and I needed 3 coats to cover up bald spots. :(

"Bizarre Blurple" with 1 coat of "Glitter Goblin" on top is AMAZING! Glitter Goblin is orange, silver and purple glitter in a clear base and it is amazing! Applied easily and dries relatively smoothly, no issues. 

Left Hand

Right Hand. All the colors are the same except the accent finger is "Rougish Red" topped with "Glitter Goblin. :)

Manicure #3...R.I.P.

2 coats of Orly "R.I.P." new for the Halloween season this 2012. RIP has a great black jelly base with Orange hexagon shaped glitter and smaller golden orange glitter. Applied easily and was opaque in 2 coats. 

So pretty!

Happy Halloween! and Keep It Sweet!

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TrinaDJ'smom said...

Cute manis! Glitter Goblin & Bizarre Blurple are AMAZING together, I'll have to pick those up