Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sonoma Nail Art "Sincerest Pumpkin Patch" and Zoya.

Okay, another day, another polish! LOL!  Today I have a fun green manicure I wore for 4 days, using Sonoma Nail Art and Zoya.

Left to Right: Zoya "Envy", "Shawn", "Bevin", and Sonoma Nail Art "Sincerest Pumpkin Patch".

This bis an awesome green glitter.  I started with 2 thin coats of color. Left to Right: "Envy", "Bevin", "Shawn", and "Envy".  After 2 minutes, I applied 2 coats of the Sonoma Glitter.

I love how the glitter polish looks over "Shawn", I think this is the best background for it, but honestly I was the most surprised by how it turned out over "Bevin". The Sonoma glitter has a green tinted base, so it can slightly change the color of the polish it is applied over, which makes it very cool. :)

"Sincerest Pumpkin Patch" has a great mossy green base with grass green glitter, lime green glitter, orange hexagons and green squares. AMAZING! It looks like pumpkins are floating on my nail. I love it!!!

I swatched it on a bare nail  HERE, for reference. 

Check it out in indirect light...

LOVE! :)

The glitter applied perfectly over the polish, dried nicely and not gritty, and it only needed 2 coats of top coat to become smooth and polished! Sonoma Nail Art is opening up again this coming Monday, October 22nd. for the last re-stock of this Halloween Collection, 6:30pm PST. 

You can buy it on her etsy site here. My suggestion is if there are 2 or more colors you want, try and get the entire set, it's much easier to do, than hoping around the site getting individual colors.  

But I am warning you her sales are EPIC and the color are gone within seconds, maybe even minutes, so move fast and get them while they are in stock!

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Marisa said...

I'm loving it over the darker greens. This is a pretty glitter!