Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Catrice "Wrapped Around My Finger"

It's been awhile since I wore my favorite European polish brand...CATRICE!!!

I love this brand, and if I had my way , I would seriously own the entire line!

Great formula, great drying time and it wear like KRYPTONITE on my nails, and the dded bonus is that is is a drug store brand in Europe...what a great deal you ladies get with this brand!

"Wrapped Around My Finger"
 2 coats

I swear "Catrice" has ME wrapped around their finger..LOL. This is a great bright fuchsia cream, with an even brighter pink shimmer. LOVE< LOVE< LOVE!!! I wore this one for...*wait for it*...5 days!

I was having a busy week, and I just could not find the time to do my nails once I got home, and to tel the truth, wearing this for 5 days..DID NOT bother me! :) No chips, no fuss, no problem!

I also received a lot of compliments, so this bad boy is now one of my favorite pinks!

*Yes, I have a favorite pinks list, but it's very, very small* LOL! :)

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Fashion Footing said...

Fabulous color!

Unknown said...

@Fashion Footing- Thank You!

trollGloom said...

i love catrice too, last five days i was wearing iron mermaiden and same her: it did not bother me, i simply love it.

Aly said...

Amazing color! In case I find this jewel during a polish-hunt of mine I will definitely buy it!

tasha~ said...

Stunning polish! It reminds me alot of China Glaze Purple Panic :)

Anonymous said...

Great colour! I just bought it a couple weeks ago and it's in my untried stash!