Monday, September 19, 2011

Chain Mail Charm: Old vs. New

There has been a lot of chatter in the nail world about Diamond Cosmetics polish "Chain Mail Charm".  For those of you who do not know, it is a beautiful dark grey holographic polish, that was a steal at $2.50.

Earlier this year, the company ran out of the color which left a lot of "nail gals", drumming their nails on the keyboard waiting for the re-release.

Yep, these were eventually re-release, but the formula had changed...and not for the better! :(

Left to Right: 2011 Version (new re-release), 2010 bottle (swap), 2009 bottle (purchased).

The 2011 version, I swapped for from a MUA nail boarder who was NOT happy with the new re-released color.  I offered any color from my swap list for this, and she was more than happy to send me her "Dud" :)

The 2010 bottle I swapped for because I wanted a backup to my other bottle. When I heard that Diamond Cosmetics stopped making it, I knew exactly what they were doing and I knew that if they did re-release ti , it would not be as FABULOUS as their older version.

The 2009 bottle, I purchased my self along with 15 other $2.50 a bottle they were a STEAL!!! :0

Left to Right: 2011 Version (swap), 2010 bottle (swap), 2009 bottle (purchased).

Left to Right: 2011 Version (swap)- 3 coats, 2010 bottle (swap)- 2 coats, 2009 bottle (purchased)- 2 coats. NO TOP COAT

Left to Right: 2011 Version (swap)- 3 coats, 2010 bottle (swap)- 2 coats, 2009 bottle (purchased)- 2 coats. NO TOP COAT

Left to Right: 2011 Version (swap)- 3 coats, 2010 bottle (swap)- 2 coats, 2009 bottle (purchased)- 2 coats. NO TOP COAT

Left to Right: 2011 Version (swap)- 3 coats, 2010 bottle (swap)- 2 coats, 2009 bottle (purchased)- 2 coats. NO TOP COAT

As you can see the 2009 bottle has a great linear/scattered  holographic effect, the 2010 bottle still delivers a gorgeous effect, but it is less than the 2009.

The 2011 however is where the gorgeous effects all stop.  It has least holographic linear effect and it was thinner.  I had to do 3 coats of it, compared to the others which are 2 coats.

In my opinion, the newer version of Chain Mail Charm does not measure up to it's earlier version, but it is still a gorgeous polish and if you do not have it, you should still get it.

I hope this helps some of you who want to purchase the color, if you do you can buy it from Diamond Cosmetics, HERE

Tomorrow I'll have a comparison of Color Club "Revvvolution" !!!

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Tera said...

I hate when they change formulas and call it the same thing, it's not! We aren't stupid and when they do that it makes me feel like they think we are. The new release it still pretty but it isn't the same.

Thays said...

Give away on the blog

Unknown said...

The older ones are more holo.. Too bad )=

Enamel Girl said...

shame they changed their formula. 2009 version is awesomeness!

Libby's Pink Vanity said...

How sad that they can't make the same formula that seems to have been a winner to begin with.

polishloving said...

It is still a beauty :) the 09 is deinately the best though

Alyssa Valentine said...

I was super disappointed too because I just purchased 3 bottles from them about 3 weeks ago --- only because on their website they said it was the ORIGINAL Chain Mail Charm.

I haven't actually officially swatched it yet, but when I did a test nail I wasn't happy with the holo results. I'll have to wait until I fully swatch it and really see it in the sun before I give my full verdict. I just hope I don't have 3 bottles of a dud.

- said...

Yep, the 2011 version sucks compared to the 2009. So bad that the best holos have to turn dud with time! :(

Carina M said...

Diamond Cosmetics needs to thank you...You inspired me into actually purchasing something instead of putting things in my cart and then leaving the site!

And now...$40 later...LOL At least I'll have polish when I get back to Cali. Can't wait, can't wait! :)

I got 2 bottles of Chain Mail Charm because of your swatches. If they're duds, I don't care. I'll keep 'em anyway. lol

Lauren said...

Thanks for doing this! I just swatched my dud-ish Revvvolution next to my new (and only) Chainmail Charm. I was wondering how all the versions of each polish compared! Super helpful! :)