Wednesday, September 21, 2011

OPI Purple comparison

Recently I found  OPI "Rumples Wiggin'" at my local CVS, and it hit me, that although I do not care for pastels, I had 3 pastel obviously there must be something about these 3 purples that I love, so I decided to compare them.

Left to Right: OPI "Planks A Lot", "Done Out In Deco", and "Rumples Wiggin".

Yeah, I know, they look so close in the bottle, but on the hand they are seriously different. All applied nicely and all were perfectly opaque in 2 coats, no top coat. No real issues here, the usual smooth OPI formula.

My niece is IN LOVE with "Done Out In Deco" and she constantly requests it as her manicure color,  so much that I had to cut her off...LOL.

She was putting a serious dent in my bottle. ;) I need to find her, her own bottle of "Done Out In Deco"..soon!

I actually think these 3 would make a really cute Ombre manicure :)  My personal preference is for "Planks A Lot", but I do love all 3 together.


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greeneyespinknails said...

They do actually look very similar in the bottle yet very different on your nails. Very nice colors! I have Planks a lot and agree with you, it's gorgeous. Must be the dusty undertones that make it a not so classic pastel.
Thanks for the comparison!

Cat Ray said...

Love this comparison! Now I want Done Out in Deco and Rumples Wiggen so I can do an ombre manicure with Funkey Dunkey and Planks A Lot!

Bookworm Nails said...

Your niece is too cute haha! I have Planks a Lot and love it to death. But I am a sucker for lavendar so I love all of these :D

Sarah Kesler said...

Planks A Lot is the only one of these I have, but I think it's my favorite, so that works out. I also have China Glaze Spontaneous, which belongs in this family as well.

Ellen said...

those would do the most PERFECT ombre nails ever!

Pink Pamalamma said...

I was thinking the same thing - totally cute ombré!!