Wednesday, September 22, 2010

RGB: A hit and a miss

A couple months ago I took advantage of RGB's buy one get one free deal and ordered 2 polishes.  I never tried this brand, so I figured...why not. 

This polish is $14 each, so I couldn't pass up a buy one get one free deal..right? *nod head in agreement* Thanks :)

First up!

2 coats

There were huge bald spots with the first coat, but the 2nd layered nicely and the bald spots were all gone. 

This color was/is described as "light blue grey"....but to me it just looks grey/white.

I was so unhappy with this  polish when I ordered it that I emailed the company telling them that the polish looked nothing like the color is the link to the DOVE pictured online.... Does it look like the above color? UH HUH....YEAH! I does, but in real life it looks more like the color pictured in the outside shots!..UUGGHH!!!

Now ....customer service told me that the color monitors on computers are different and thus the color may look different on the screen than what I actually received..UH HUH..OKAY RGB...whatever you say *roll my eyes*.

Damn it!!!!!, this polish is "grey white" and actually looks like a real dove, but it is NOT what you described as "blue grey white"..I see no blue! 

The picture below is more color accurate than the above pic...I'm annoyed! :)

The polish was very smooth and easy to control, no issues there, so I still see value in the polish, it just wasn't the color I wanted.

Next is the real bad boy in the bunch

3 coats of fabulous wine jelly!!!!!

OH NELLY....It's a jelly and I love it...its deep and bright and so shiny like a big glass of wine! LOVE IT!

I was drawn to this color and name because my Chinese horoscope sign is the OX/COW/BULL...whatever you call it :).

This color is super elegant and classy and it is just plain awesome!

Ignore the fact that my application of this was crap, I was just in awe of how it looked...have you ever done your nails and just been in awe of a color that your application technique SUCKED?...yeah...that's what happened!

Love it, love it, love it...if you ever get an RGB polish...get this one! Gorgeous!
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L said...

That second one is hotness on you. I love it.

KarenD said...

Dove is confusing me. I'll just look at the pretty jelly instead.

jaljen said...

On my monitor the top 2 pix look like the RBL swatch. The bottom 2 do not. I just don't like it as a polish.
OxBlood is great.
I don't have any RGB. Can't get them in the UK and they don't call to me.

Unknown said...

Bummer on the Dove!! I surely would have been prettier if it were blue/grey.

My eyes bugged out when you said wine/jelly...Oh how I want to collect all the jellies I can get my hands on. Yep, going on my wishlist :D

Unknown said...

@ L- Thanxs

@KarenD- I agree, don't even bother with the first :)

@jaljen- You are right about it looking like the RBL, it was an overall disappointment, but Oxblood made up for it.

@rmcandlelight- yeah, Oxblood is a keeper!

Susie said...

I almost bought Dove but they were out of stock at the time. I like it ok but the second polish is outstanding. :)

AnnKiins'♥ said...

The top color looks like.
Cream or something.
I hate it when you buy a polish and it's not what you want. ESPECIALLY when it's expensive D:

Yup the purple jelly looks awesome!

Recalcitrant Nails said...

that jelly is awesome!

Sarah B. said...

OxBlood is gorgeous, I'm drawn to bloody colors too.
The name makes me sad thought heh, I'm silly...

Fer (The Nail Experiment) said...

Love the second one! My Chinese Horoscope is the Ox too!