Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Catrice: London's Weather Forecast

Today's weather is cloudy, cool with an overcast so I thought this was appropriate!

London's Weather Forecast
2 coats

Even though this one was a bit runny, it was still better than other brands, and the color is so pretty!

A gorgeous grey/blue creme with a hidden silver shimmer. :)

Such a great dark grey with a soft hidden silver shimmer, OH I love this color!

See it!

Indoors it looks like a fabulous dark grey creme, and outside in the light the shimmer is released, and its more fabulous!

The base color reminds me of Zoya "Kelly"...yeah? 

I think I need to collect more greys so I can do a grey skittle manicure!

What's your favorite grey? or gray?
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Iris @ said...

THIS ONE! This is my fav grey :) I'm curious to the new Essence one from the Denim Wanted collection, haven't tried it yet! You?

Unknown said...

@Iris- Nope I ahvent tried it yet, but I did see a review of it here:

Tassa said...

Pretty color! :) On you it looks more blue, but on me it looks more grey. :)

Susie said...

Really pretty. I don't own any of this brand yet. :)

Anonymous said...

ahahaha i posted this today too! great minds think alike! xoxo it looks super hawt on you!

Lalica said...

Nice, i like it.

I cant believe that i dont have any grey polish.

Gwen - SpaceLifeThoughts said...

I love this polish! I love it 'plain' but it's also a great base for nail art!!

Unknown said...

@ Tassa- Yeah, I thought the same thing, its funny how polish does that :)

@Susie- If you ever do any international swaps, add this brand to your list :)

@Scandalous- I know ...hilarious, but your post has a great inspirational quote :)

@Lalica- Grey is my new favorite neutral color, I love it in fall :)

@spaceinvaders- I agree!

Cali369 said...

This looks fab on you, really pretty grey. My fave grey is Zoya Harley.

ABOP Laquerlove said...

Oh wow! This color looks wonderful on you!

Unknown said...

@Cali369- Harley is on my hit list, so pretty!

@ABOP- Thanks :)

shortwidenails said...

I actually own no grey polishes. I think I will need to purchase it. how much does catrice sell for?

deltacephei said...

Looks great on you!