Wednesday, September 15, 2010

OPI Midnight Blue Glitter

This has got to be the most simply named polish by OPI, basic, straight to the is, what it is!

Midnight Blue Glitter
4 coats

I got this one at a blogger sale and well, I am a sucker for blues.  This coclor is definitely best over a darker blue or black, as without any base it needs 4 coats to be opaque.

Its a glitter, that hsa a black jelly base, and the glitter is black, grey, teal, and dark blue, very interesting.

Easy to apply, but very hard to photograph.

I really like this color, I need to try it over black or a nice dark grey.

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Trista said...

Pretty blue

Iris @ said...

You and your 'blue's'!!! If I had to buy every pretty blue polish you show here I'd be broke. I really love this blingy one. The glitter in the bottle looks amazing

Bregje said...

Nice one!

Sarah B. said...

This is really nice!!

Ali'sNailNews said...

This is one of my favs. from that collection. It looks very pretty on you! :-)

I tagged you for the Sunshine Award! :-)

Reese @ Newbie Nails said...

how pretty! what other colors would you layer it over?

jbrobeck said...

interesting, i have not seen this one before... would look hot over grey

MightyLambchop said...

It's gorgeous and it looks fantastic on you! I hope you'll take some pics of it layered over black and grey. I'd love to see that!

Unknown said...

This is an older color, I got it from another blogger.

I will definitely show it over, black,blue and grey, I'll swatch it this weekend :)

Ali'sNailNews said...

lol...when I posted, I was getting it mixed up with Midnight Mission! Guess I was half asleep or something! ;-)