Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sinful in Black!

I'm back from my vacation in New Hampshire, and let's just say...I now KNOW what a SMALL town looks like!  I had a great time! :)

I have two Sinfuls  that are awesome by themselves, but over black they are jaw dropping!

First up, Sinful's "Let me go", 3 coats
A pearl purple/pink polish, sheer and very pretty, with flashes of purple, pink and blue.

Then add a layer of this over Wet n Wild Black creme, and WALLA!

Awesome! It turns into this great duo-chrome that flashes aqua, gold and it!

Next up, Sinful's "You just wait". 3 coats

Sheer but pretty, a very feminine pink with flashes of gold!

But over black, it becomes truly "Sinful"

It turns into this awesome, green duo-chrome with flashes of pink, olive, and gold!


Isn't it amazing that 2 colors so delicate and turn into something so dark and mysterious! I love when you discover things like this :)

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MightyLambchop said...

Both are gorgeous layered over black! I love layering, it's so much fun.

Unknown said...

@ Mighty- Layering is like a whole new world, I love it!

Nail Polish Obsession said...

I love them layered over black. I'll have to try and add them to my collection :D

april brooks said...

Wow those are both gorgeous and so unexpected!

Susie said...

Wow, so inventive. I've got to rub shoulders with you more often..........or should I say nails. :)
Great job.

Unknown said...

@nail polish obsession- These are usually pretty easy to find given the fact that theya re so sheer!:)

@April- Yes, exactly, unexpected, such a great surprise!

@Susuie- We can "rub shoulders/nails" anytime :)

Cel said...

Wow, amazing colours and I just love how they change with the black!

Recalcitrant Nails said...

These are excellent layering ideas. Thanks for the tips (lol-pun not intended, but it works). glad you had a great vacay.

KarenD said...

Wow, those are great over black! I've got both, but never layered either one.

Erin said...

Holy cow! :O

I completely overlook colors like these because they don't interest me. But add some black polish, and they've got me drooling!

Bregje said...

Woah that's awesome :) Love the first one!

Arie said...

Ah those Sinful, are like hidden treasures!!, Love how turned green, reminds me of Orly Space Cadet wow! so pretty!, thanks for commenting on my blog.