Friday, September 30, 2011

China Glaze "Rodeo Fanatic"

Yee Haw!!!! This color reminds me of the old TV show "Hee Haw".....I loved watching that show!!!!

Do you remember it? I know I'm showing my age, but I don't give a lick!!!!

Well thanks to a lovely reader Terni, I finally got this color and I am in LOVE!

China Glaze
"Rodeo Fanatic"
2 coats (no top coat)

It's gorgeous in the sunlight, but it is a real "knee slapper" when it gets in the low light!

I always wanted this because it was blue, but  I had NO IDEA it was this gorgeous!!!

Wowza! Thanks Terni :);)

Happy Friday!!!!

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Fashion Footing said...

Lovely color!!

Polish and Charms said...

I wish I could find that collection! So many pretty colors! That one just makes me want it more!

Anonymous said...

makes me so glad i actually got my hands on it! i've yet to try it out though.

greeneyespinknails said...

Great color but it stains :(
I had it on a few weeks ago and I'm still trying to remove the blue stains!

Unknown said...

@greeneyespinknails- Seriously? I only had mine one for 1 day, and had no stains....Yikes!

greeneyespinknails said...

I had it on for 4 days... Luckily yours didn't get stained!
Maybe I used the wrong basecoat but generally I'm really careful about that...

Savannah said...

I love this color. Actually, I pretty much love the entire collection.